BT Service firing ONCE

Hey guys, I have this problem of my BT service firing once. I’ve also tried “Call tick on search start” but it won’t make any difference.

Basically, what happens is that when the enemy sees the char, THEN it checks ONCE if the char is in range for a melee attack, and holds that info until it reaches the char or loses sight of the character.

If when it sees the char it is in range for a melee attack, it’ll hit once, then wait, then do it again (as it should do), if the char moves and it doesn’t lose sight of it, the same thing will happen (again, as it should do). If it sees the char but it’s afar, instead, it’ll move to it, and once it has successfully reached the char it will trigger “character lost” and go wander.

Anyone has any idea on why this is happening?

Each service should have “Finish Execute” in the end check if your does.

I think you’re getting confused, Tasks* must have finish execute, Services do not!

Yeah you are correct, sorry nothing else comes to mind try to debug your tree and to see maybe your signal gets stuck somewhere.

Tried, debugger doesn’t tell me anything new, it just confirms the fact that the Service is running only once, when the character is first detected.

You using Event Receive Activation AI you need to use Event Receive Tick

Jesus I can’t believe I’m actually so dumb! LOL!
Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

Don’t be so hard on your self simple mistakes happen because you don’t expect them

Thanks for this - it actually resolved at least half of the problems I’m having with BT in UE4. I can’t believe how poor Epic Games explains service nodes in its documentation… there are about 5+ different activation nodes that can be used, and none of them are explained. If there’s a good resource out there, it would be good to post (as the current online EpicGames offerings are non-existent from a practical perspective). Even their videos over-simplify the service nodes to the point that it’s unusable IMHO.