BT and EQS not working as expected

I am building out AI for RTS. Working on AI gathering resources I successfully built out the AI being able to gather one resource type and when i went to expand that i ran into some odd issues

1st) my resource types are children of a base resource only thing really changed in children is static mesh If i use certain static meshes to represent my resource the behavior tree gets the target destination but the AI doesn’t move. If i move the static mesh back to what it was it works fine

2nd) The AI is suppose to hang out and mine the resource then deliver it back to the mine shack again on my original resource it works just fine But on my second resource ( if i used a mesh that works from issue 1) just goes back and forth instead of hanging out to mine the resource An “Is at location” check is done for this bit but with my original resource it only works when its Inverse and the second only works when its not

This is really racking my brain, If someone has any ideas on why its happening im all ears

I made a video to better explain my issue and run through the BPs