BSPs disappear after Mesh Conversion

Hey there. I know BSP is basically ****.
But it is still a good layout tool.
However I am creating a Mansion with BSP with separate Rooms and a lot of Subtractive Brushes for Doorways and Tunnels.
But as soon as I convert one Room into a Static Mesh, the Brushes linked to it are deleted. This means Doorways and tunnels leading to other rooms disappear.
Is it possible to give BSP an update a last time and disable the BSP deletion? :o

Hey Raildex_,

It sounds like this just needs a regular old bug report to get fixed. If you post about it on with details and all that, they can take a look at it and get a report into our system.

Hi Alex, I opened a Bug Report for this :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!