BSP Volume Bug


I think i might have found a little bug in the new version of UE4 i don’t know if this problem occurs in older versions but when using BSP Volumes a.k.a Geometry boxes, cones, cylinders,… there seems to be no problem but when im building the lighting and then move,copy,add,remove any Volume almost all the other BSPs or Geometry objects lose texture and become the standard gray texture.

Hope this will be fixed really soon …

Hello GMP_Leader,

Are you moving the BSP brushes during the lighting build? If this is the case, it is expected you will get some errors as the light needs to calculate the lightmaps and shadows, and when you move those primitives they become invalidated and need to be rebuilt.

Could you provide me with some simple steps so I can reproduce this on my end?

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Hey Andrew,

I’m not moving the Volumes during build i know it might cause problems so when it’s building the lighting i’m not even touching UE4, thats not the problem here it’s only after the lightning has been built.


Could you provide me with steps so I can reproduce the issue on my end?



In UE4 I placed a couple of Boxes in a map, i rebuilt the lighting and some sides of some boxes lose texture.

(Sorry for late response)

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reproduce the issue in a blank 4.13 project using the starter content and any number of various sized geometry brushes (bsp’s).

Can you say for sure that it occurs every time you move and rebuild your scenes lighting, or is this more of a random occurrence?

Thank you,

some varied size. can’t try this again atm. because there is a lot of working waiting for me but i had it every time with UE4 4.13. And yes, i used starters content, did u move them after building the lighting?