bsp to static

trying to clarify on this if anyone knows for sure, have read that bsp brushes are a big performance hit to use a lot in a level, so my question is what if as they are created and assembled they are converted in ue4 to static meshes ? a lot of what we are using can be done with geometry in engine so would help a lot not to have to go to an external program for simple meshes, thanks in advance.

Yes, converting them to static meshes should work fine. One suggested workflow is to block out your level using BSP, convert it to static mesh, export the static mesh and refine it in your favourite 3D modelling program, then once it’s done you can import it back into UE4.

Converting BSP to Static Mesh will only have one material slot. That is even if you add multiple materials to BSP and convert them to static mesh, they will only have one material slot.

Yeah but this should not really matter as you will most likely replace all materials with something else when you fix it up in whatever modeling program you use. But good advice non the less. Especially if you are trying to figure out why you only have one material ID.

thanks for the info, really helps out