BSP to mesh

quick question, if I make buildings or things using BSP and then convert them to mesh, does it still take the same toll on the engine as just using BSPs does? as in with just BSP you hit a limit where the engine starts slowing down, and you got to keep lowering the setting. but if I make them into a mesh will that solve the problem,

Hi Gannermithral,

BSP’s are going to be more expensive to use than static meshes. The majority of games engines are use static meshes since the are much more optimized. You will lose the ability to edit the meshes geometry though unless it is done outside of UE4 in a modeling application like, Blender, or 3Ds Max.

Converting the BSP’s to static mesh should help get some performance back, but there are many other factors that can affect performance as well, so if you’re not seeing the return on performance you will need to profile your game and investigate those performance issues accordingly.

Thank you!


What are the differences between a static mesh created in-engine from BSP and one imported from a modeling app?