BSP Surface alignment

UE4 seems to be a little lacking when it comes to texturing BSP surfaced. I can understand that most projects are going to rely on static meshes and other facets, not BSP, but for the parts that ARE built with BSP, I am having an unnecessarily challenging time trying to set up the materials on my surfaces.

Most notably, I can’t align these materials worth ****.
Every single option in the “alignment” drop-down under the geometry does absolutely nothing. And to top it off, the “pan” tools are no longer as intuitive as they used to be, as I can no longer hold down the button to drag the surface slowly, nor simply hold shift to change directions if I overshoot my target.

(Honestly I don’t see why I can’t have an option to simply select a collection of surfaces and then click on one specific surface and have them all align to that one surface. That seems like possibly the most single useful tool but it has just never been created for Unreal.)

Am I missing something here? Is there just some simple option I did not see or something I have switched off? Why do we have a bunk option in here that does nothing? How can I align these surfaces without grabbing each one individually?

BSP is unfortunately terribly implemented in UE4 and you should really avoid it as much as possible.

Well then what am I supposed to use when I need low-poly geometry with some solid collision?

Well you can use BSP, but its always just meant as a tool for quick layouts. Youd be better off modeling the stuff. Unreal allows you to use per triangle collision on meshes, so you wont have to worry about creating a collision mesh in your modeling program.