BSP performance question

Hello Unrealers,

I know BSP is bad for performance
I have a house I made with BSP with consists of 34 BSP brushes (both additive and subtractive), if I exported that to .FBX, open it in my modelling program, clean it, texture it, save it and import it back into the editor, will I suffer any kind of ill performance effects from creating my meshes this way? I find it easier to make the skeleton for the model in BSP and using the modelling program just for touching it up

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Nah, it’s solid now, UE4 will treat them as any other static mesh

From what version is this solid ?

I’m talking about converted BSP to static mesh, not about about BSP itself

The BSP converted to static mesh might not be ideal, there’s probably still things you could do to improve it.

You can do it that way, but it’s probably just easier to model it in your modeling program.

I use 4.6.1;

So it should be fine? Is there anything else I should keep in mind? I feel more comfortable doing it this way for some reason, im not super experienced using the modeler but I know my way around it well enough.

I can’t see why it would present issues, it’s not like vertices can be contaminated by contact with filthy BSP or anything. Once it’s a mesh, it’s a mesh; presuming you do a good job cleaning it up (avoiding any situations where the BSP-to-mesh conversion has created really strange vertex placement or faces) it will be indistinguishable.

I too understand the desire to build this way; it’s often much easier to get a proper sense of scale for assets if you can move your characters around them while designing, which you can’t do in your modeling program (even with a size reference mesh it’s difficult to gauge the feel of the piece when the player is in motion; characters tend to be capable of movement speeds no ordinary human scale would well accomodate).