BSP, Origin, Pivot

I want to be able to alter the origin of a BSP. A simple standard ‘Origin to Center’ would be really neat.
I know you can press ALT+MMB to set a temporary pivot point. And you can probably even set the origin to this too.

But what im really asking for is a simple origin to center function. Im constantly looking for my transform handle when I’m selecting BSP’s and this wouldn’t be needed if I could set the origin to center when im done with a BSP.
Please watch my YouTube video to see what I mean :


YouTube vid


Have you had any luck with this?

Nope. No help here or at IRC. Also got second to none help at questions that I asked on . Super disappointed by the support.

Hi lo2dk,

This is currently a Feature Request in our system that our developers are looking into. We also hope to make numerous improvements to pivot control and BSP’s in particular in future builds.

Feel free to vote for Geometry Editor 2.0 on our UE4 Roadmap.