BSP objects invisible after opening saved project

been having a lot of problems with unreal engine 4.8…

following some tutorials and i’m hitting roadblock after roadblock. editor becoming completely unresponsive, crashing outright, poor (nearly unusable) wacom cintiq performance. and i haven’t even “done anything” yet!

this particular issue: i have a dead-simple project that is made of a handful of basic bsp objects. when i open the project/level saved with these bsp objects intact and normal/visible, the objects have become invisible. scene is lit and settings are all at defaults. selecting them in the outliner shows the orange outline but the object remains invisible.

maybe even normal objects and imported models are suffering the same problem, haven’t gotten that far yet.

i’ve seen other posts about this and there seems to be an idea that copying or duplicating the bsp objects “resolves” the issue, but it doesn’t fix anything in my case (plus that is not a reasonable solution, just a band-aid.)

i was able to get the objects visible again by setting the canvas area to Unlit (can see the bsp objects and their default grey grid textures), but going back to Lit breaks it again. not having Lit capability isn’t really a reasonable solution, either.

mac pro 10.9.5
UE 4.8

Hi dshuta,

Please post this to the answerhub at in the bug reports section so we can better assist you. In the bug report, please include reproduction steps so we can attempt to recreate this bug on our end. Thank you!

thanks , will do.