BSP Editing: Resize (not scale!) via Mouse and missing Brush Properties

My question is actually two-fold, but both subjects deal with the problem of not being able to comfortably editing/resizing BSP geometry. Here it goes:

A) If I place a e.g. a cube as a bsp brush from the “geometry” tab, I can see the “brush settings” (additive or subtractive, x/y/z size) in the details tab for as long as the cube is selected. But if I click somewhere else, and then click back on the cube, the “brush settings” have disappeared from the details tab.

However, if I do a search for the keyword “brush” in the detail’s box search window, they magically re-appear. Is this a bug in the current engine build? I don’t want to search for “brush settings” to have them visible in the details box, every time I want to change the size of an object.

B) If I select a bsp brush object (e.g. a cube) and re-scale it via mouse, it does exactly that: it rescales the cube. However, it doesn’t really change its physical proportion. E.g.: If my cube’s size is 128/128/128 and I scale it to twice its size with the mouse, the cube remains 128/128/128, but scale now shows “2”, which is correct, but how can I rescale a bsp brush with the mouse and actually change the cube’s proportions (i.e. making it 256/256/256, scale = 1)?