bsp documentation missing

there are two looping pages in the documentation, but neither one gives the information that other page says it will.

Modifying Brushes > Geometry Editing Mode (says to look at another page for more information) (is the page that this section points to)

This page at the bottom “Geometry Editing Mode” points me back to the page I started with (

This is not helpful.

Can anyone help point to where that information might be?

Regards, Rigel.

Hi Master_Rigel,

The information is there that I can see.

It’s on the first page you linked in the Modifying Geometry section (

The second page you linked is telling you that by clicking the Geometry Editing button in the editor (Modes panel in the top left by default) you can go into an edit mode.

The first page tells you that by going into this mode you can directly select the vertices of the brush and orient them as you would like.

I hope that helps.


Nope. Because neither page gives me “more information about Geometry Editing Mode and how to use it to modify Brushes”

all the “Level Editor Modes” page says is “Toggles Geometry Editing mode for modifying Brushes to geometry.”

But okay. There used to be a page that had a screenshot of the bsp geometry settings and what they did, like the split, extrude, join, flip, and so on.

That kind of content is completely missing, but okay I guess. I just prefer to keep things as cohesive as possible for newcomers to the engine.

Regards, Rigel

There is this page from UDK/UE3 that is about BSP/CSG editing. I cannot recalling seeing anything similar to this with UE4’s documentation though.

There are also some modes that are no longer relevant here, but what is listed looks to still be edited the same way.

Maybe this will help in the mean time.

Okay. Maybe the page was a cary over into UE4, and they just changed things out as they went. In any event, I did notice a significant change so I wanted to clarify. Thank you for your time in this regard.

Cheers, Rigel