BSP Collision detection

I am having trouble with BSP & collision, the problem is that my playable character jumps on or into a BSP surface, it clips through and ends up falling out the world.

My entire map is created from BSP including all objects.

I know most people will suggest converting to static mesh, but it needs to be created this way, as it is an assignment for my University course and it is specified in the criteria that static meshes are not allowed and only BSP’s are to be used to create all assets and the arena. I cannot convert to static mesh after creating it in BSP, it’s crazy I know I’ve already had so many problems with BSP.

So I would like to know, does anybody know of a way I can fix this?

I think I could just go and add blocking volumes to all the surfaces but I really don’t want to do that, due to the time it will take, so I am looking for a simpler way to stop the playable characters falling though the BSP’s.

It is an unreal tournament map, created in the unreal tournament editor.

Hi pring123,

Unfortunately the best advice I can give here is to add the blocking volumes around/within your BSP brushes. The reason this is what would be best in this case is that BSP brushes are hollow, so clipping can be a constant issue. Something that may help is to duplicate your BSP brush and then convert the type of actor to Blocking Volume. This will not increase the cost of the map based on your BSPs but should help with the collision issues you are seeing. To do this, select a BSP brush and use ctrl+c/ctrl+v so that it does not move the actor location. Then, go to the bottom of your actor Details Pane>Convert Actor>Blocking Volume (see attached image). While it will take some time, this would be the fastest and most efficient method to solve the error you are seeing without using static meshes.