BSP Brush Problems

So I have been designing a vehicle with BSP’s, and I have come across some serious glitches in the BSP system. I know you can easily break a BSP from breaking its vertices, but I’m not talking about breaking vertices. I made half of a dashboard duplicated and mirrored it. I felt it to be a little long so I tried to delete a vertical set of vertices to shorten the width a bit and this is what happens. If I move it far away and delete the chunk it’s fine, however, once I bring it back over to complete the dashboard the same effect happens.

You just hit the basic limitations of BSP brushes.
BSP brushes are not meant to model game objects with. They are supposed to be used as blocking elements to roughly set up your level in terms of scale.
While BSPs are flexible enough to play around with room sizes, wall heigths, etc, that flexibilikty comes with a price.
BSPs are not really performant. Once you reach a decent number of them in your level (1000+), you will start seing incredible lag.
They require much more system resources than a real static mesh.

Im afraid there is no way around of making your car model (and all other game assets for that matter) in a real 3D application.
If you want to use a free software, then there is Blender for you.
If you want to go for a more professional solution and you find the Autodesk rate plans as usurious as I, then there is also MODO, etc…

So, BSPs are good enough as they are, if used for what they are for.

People model using BSP’s, it’s not uncommon so don’t be just coming in and saying your doing it all wrong. 1. I know BSP is not optimized, it is used for gray boxing/3d design. 2. I am not a ****** I’m not leaving it in BSP. 3. Your response was not even close to an answer to my question. 4 I am designing it in BSP and making it a static mesh, but that has nothing to do with BSP’s having disappearing acts, and lastly the tires, axel, and frame are already a static mesh and there is only 3 BSP’s in that image the bottom floor and the 2 half’s of the dash board. Saying that something should disappear when you don’t interact with it is the most unintelligent response I have ever heard in my life. I would ask you not to respond to this thread again and leave it to someone who has a clue.

Yes, and its exactly these people having similar problems as you.

And then you find out that nothing is unwrapped…

I read between the lines that you seem offended by my answer. It was in no way meant to imply that you are whatever is consored in your post.
(Just to clarify this has inclined to respond to this).

Shotty, its nice to see you have some passion, however, I do think that you are misdirecting your frustration. KVogler was not offending you in any way, he was merely advising you that Unreal Engine 4’s bsp system is not up to the task of complex brushwork. It is one of a few areas of the engine that Epic have not spent as much time on compared to the rest of the engine. I believe Epic would love to refocus their attention on bsp, however most of the company are working on multiple game projects. Please be patient until Epic finds the time to introduce geometry 2.0, or wait for the Probuilder plugin when it arrives. Also, while you wait for these engine updates, you can download Blender for free. I, myself have been using Blender in my personal projects and find it to be just as good, if not better than some of the commercial 3d modeling options, which I have plenty of experience with.

I get frustrated all the time when my game design experiments do not turn out the way I would hope, but I think you should remind yourself that most of the Unreal Engine community are in the same position.

Exactly, BSP does not work very well for the purpose that you want to use it for, your choices are to either wait for an improved system (Epic is exploring it but hasn’t committed to anything) or use something like Blender to do that.

Also, we ask that you have some more respect in your responses when people try to help you, being rude and insulting them will not help you when you are having an issue.