BSoD while working with Unreal Engine/Epic Launcher


I am getting blue screen crash from a while now. I searched everywhere and tried all the things but no solution. I was using unreal engine 4.22 before and I didn’t have any issue. I upgraded to 4.23 with the release, project as well. For first it was fine then it started crashing.

Now its more frequent. I reinstalled HDD, Windows, Drivers, Unreal and other software. it works fine with all other software. I ran stress test for few hrs, maximizing HDD, Processor, RAM, GPU usage nothing happened.

Today I reinstalled the graphic drivers, launcher and engine created new project. tried to import fbx and textures and it crashed and restarted the system. One time it crashed to blue screen while playing “ABZU” from epic game launcher.

I have Dell T1600 with Xeon 2nd 3.5GHz, 16Gb DDR3, WD 500GB HDD, nV1060 6GB. It was running smooth till last month and suddenly it started crashing.

Kindly let me know the solution. I am not able to work on the project. neither I can go back to the version 4.22 as I already converted the whole project. I tried 4.22 as well with simple project. It crashed while sitting idle. I will really appreciate a solution and your support.


If you’ve already tried wiping the computer and reinstalling Windows, then it’s probably a hardware issue, might be RAM or maybe the power supply is straining too hard.

I had this problem with one machine, it only stopped when I edited Windows energy options to force it never try to idle the HDD and never save energy.

@darthviper107 All other software run smoothly. I just installed cryengine. Its running in the back. I am downloading the demo scenes and Tomorrow I will try to play around with it.
I will check the power supply tomorrow. Clean the system as well. I will keep single ram stick and try. Main hardware worked fine even in stress test.
There is something that unreal is triggering. I will play this week’s games and see if it still happens.
I worked with all other softwares and it ran smoothly. No even a lag. I tried all the things from online. Still don’t have any solution.

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] I changed those options to not letting systenm or HDD sleep. I will try to keep it on performance mode. I will update with the result.

Thanks guys.

If the computer is old (and it’s possible a Dell T1600 is from 2011) then the power supply could be running at lower efficiency, and since UE4 is pretty heavy it could be pushing the graphics card harder and trying to draw more power than what the PSU can manage.

It could just be a bad combination of hardware. I’ve had computer builds were the parts just did gel well together. This a while ago though (like 2010) so I would assume manufactures would have gotten better at sorting this issue out. Sometimes when you see the BSOD, it will say which driver that crashed so try to pay attention to that the next time that happens as this will give you a clue as to where to look.

Yes it is from 2012. PSU might be a issue. I worked for few months with UE4.23 it worked fine. It’s suddenly started happening.
I deep scanned the HDD and it had some bad sectors. As it mostly happen when I try to save something in unreal, I thought its hitting bad sector and crashing. I added a new drive for Windows but I still have that drive as secondary. I will remove thr old drive and I am cleaning the dust from my system as well. I will update you after I setup my PC again.
For me, its not possible to upgrade the base system for now. I will upgrade next year.

I cleaned my system and removed the old drive. Unreal opened and I did few changes and It is working fine for now. I will update if it happen again.
Thank you very much guys for the support. :slight_smile: