BSOD When Downloading UE4

I am currently experiencing BSODs when downloading UE4 using the launcher. When I leave the computer on to download, I go back to find it has been restarted by a BSOD while I was away. When I’m watching a video to wait until it downloads, another BSOD makes its way in the middle of the video. This all happens when the Launcher is working and it is downloading UE4. I have tried for several hours to wait without using the launcher and no BSOD occurs. I have checked to make sure it was no hardware and it was simply the download that causes it to BSOD every single time, never letting me download UE4. All the other games and programs work flawlessly on my computer. But the errors only occur when UE4 is downloading from the UE4 Launcher. The errors on the BSOD range from things like MEMORY_FAIL to IRQL_NOT_MORE_OR_LESS. It ranges in the types of BSODs I get, but these BSODs ONLY happen when I am downloading UE4 from its respective launcher. I did download the Windows version.

System Specs:
Custom Build -
Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z87 Motherboard
4 x 8GB (32GB) Kingston HyperX Beast 2133MHZ RAM
Intel Core i7 4770k @ 3.5ghz
x2 EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX SLI (Latest Drivers Work Flawlessly)
64GB Samsung SSD
1TB Western Digital HDD (Launcher Location)

Thanks in advance!
Yours truly,

What version of UE4 are you trying to download with the launcher? Have you tried downloading a different version?

If that doesn’t help, you may be interested in downloading the engine from GitHub and compiling it that way.

Well… right now I reset my BIOS settings on my computer and it’s still downloading a tad bit and I have had No BSODs so far… I am trying to download 4.3.1 and it is now past its 50% mark which seems to be a good sign.

Hey, hamudy245.

It sounds like resetting your BIOS settings fixed the problem for you, so I’m marking this question as resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.

Thank you,