BS or C++ for this port?.

Hi guys,

I got a game I’d like to port, the game is made in Actionscript, fully functional, well made, not really a prototype for fast testing. It’s a 2D multiplayer game.

The original idea was to do it just using Adobe Air, however if the port is not very painful to do (I was away from UE for like a year :P, I’d have to start from scratch, again), I’d like to use UE, since I know it’s a great engine.

However, what I’m unsure of is if it’s better to just code it using C++ since the code is already there, that going BP, and having to do the logic from scratch.

What do you guys think?, also keep in mind what examples or guides are here, that I can pick up, that’s a big plus too.

(I have basic/moderate knowledge of C++).

(Sorry I meant BP no BS)

do what ever suits you best.
if you already have all the logic etc. maybe it would be easier to just write c++ down.
c++ is best for performance heavy code but i think in 4.12 there will be a bp to cpp converter so it doesn’t matter anymore.