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What is Brushify?
Brushify is a modular approach to building environments in Unreal Engine. With a multi-layer landscape auto shader, Alpha brushes for terrain sculpting, high resolution meshes and 8k textures. All created using real-world data. I’ve also begun to expand Brushify with photogrammetry and foliage packs.

Pre-built packs are available on Unreal Marketplace:…ofile/JoeGarth

Each Brushify Pack Features:

  • Ready-made demonstration level.

  • Alpha brushes allow you to quickly detail the terrain with high resolution terrain stamps. No need to use World machine or world creator, workflow is 100% in-engine.

  • Multi-biome landscape shader, paint down multiple biomes, Grasslands, Desert, Snow, Dunes, Beach, Forest.
    See the full tutorial here: Brushify - Getting started in Unreal Engine 4 (Tutorial) - YouTube

  • Generic Rock set . Rocks include material instances for each biome. Useful for decorating landscapes.

More information can be found about this product at:

See more of my work here:

Can this support infinite terrains as well?

Yes, this can be used with the world composition tool.

Brushify - Environment Shaders Pack. The author has alpha brushes on the training video, but I haven’t purchased the package. Where can I download them?

How does one setup the cloud shadow/light shader? I purchased the forest pack but this system is not setup in any of the provided maps. Thanks.

I have a terrain from gis data, and want to place an aerial image over the terrain to help me position assets, including painting textures, its a complex old open cast mine, with many different textures needed in certain places. SO is there a way, i can drape the aerial imagery over the terrain, then paint brushify textures over the top, eventually replacing the aerial image completely ( which I can then remove

- YouTube By increasing the roughness, I gave the landscape the appearance of wetness. It’s working nice in this video, but it’s not working on the layers which i added. I think my layers don’t get the roughness from material instance. How can i solve this problem?