Brush-Created Static Meshes Editor Problem

Unlike rest of static meshes that were imported from 3D software, static meshes that were created using brushes in Unreal do not allow:

  • vertex snap
  • dragging things from Content browser and placing them on top of these actors like it is possible with other static meshes
  • editor raycasting

We found a way to fix this problem for good:

  1. All of meshes created in Unreal need to be exported from Unreal as FBX files and reimported from files.
  2. All of instances of these static meshes in levels have to be manually replaced using the “select all objects of same class” option from right click contextual menu, which, of course, takes a lot of time and demands a content freeze of whole project.

This is a problem that, if fixed promptly, can save us a lot of time. So, my question consists of two parts:

  1. Was this fixed in April version of Unreal? (if it was, we will get rid of bug by integrating it, which is fine)
  2. Is there some other way to fix problem without reimporting everything that I’m not seeing?

Hi krides,

Thank you for feedback. Vertex Snapping and Raycasting issues you mentioned are known issues that developers are looking into.

Your second issue about converted BSP meshes not allowing you to place a Static Mesh on them properly, seems fixed in 4.1.1 release.

If you have any further issues after downloading 4.1.1 please post back here.

Thanks, TJ

Hey krides,

I was poking around trying to reproduce third issue you listed, and I want to be sure I understand you correctly. Are your line traces not detecting Static Meshes created from BSP brushes? If so, that is fixed internally and you should see it in 4.2. Otherwise, would you explain what you mean by “editor raycasting,” please? Thanks!

Thank you, issue seems to be fixed now.