Browsing and loading content from personal PC

Hey, dear community!
I would like to talk about something that I would like to realize but looks pretty hard to do. Actually is a feasibility study.

What I would like to have, a way to let people upload and use into the game custom:

  • meshes
  • images
  • particles effect

The results I would like to see:

  • a list of the available content on the player screen with the possibility to drag and drop them, or attach to some specific slot, into the game.

The way I found for now:

  • images —> download from a URL (from my study should be possible even with browsing local memory with some tricks)
  • meshes —> browse local file or URL and then procedural reconstructing them
  • particles effect —> nothing.

This looks like, of course, like a modding tool.


  • I would like the possibility to let the player load even custom levels so that they fully customize their experience

Here some questions!

  1. Are there ways for people to import and access (with a browser UI) full content packages and explore/import something at runtime?
  2. Meshes can be only procedural? Is there a way to import and explore obj and have them static into the game? (This mainly because procedural is lot expensive and still have some issues)
  3. A good way to import images from C++ without need to download them?
  4. How can be particles imported inside at runtime?

Thanks for your time!