Brought a file but no instructions need help to make my material file

Hello I have brought an items online it has lots of items but I only have 3 texture files for them all… one of them is water file, which has a maya swash which I have never used.

another is floor tiles for the ground… I have no clue how to use it for the floor separately… and then I have a texture file which is 4094x4094 in size and is for everything all items and all item textures are into one texture file. how the hell do I use that on single files??? no matter what I have looked for I can not find any help I have tried asking on here before but no reply… please can some on help me.

There should be a UV map in the model which puts the correct portions of those textures on the item. What you may want to do is simply create a material, attach the base color to one of the textures. Then go to the corresponding object and set that material to it. If the UV’s are setup correctly in the model it will put the different parts of the texture onto the correct part of the model.

their is no UV thier is justr three textures, that one, a floor tile one and water one. and I have no idea how to set any of these up… :confused: whenever I work this one out il need to figure out how to use floor tile one perfectly and water

Are there corresponding 3d Models that the textures go to? The UV’s are in the 3d models.

So do what I said create a material for each of the textures, and attach that material to the corresponding model.

I did that yes, I have a sample where it shows them building a part but the sameple will not work with the texture file, the texture file works for the 3d models only but I cant use the floor tiles for my landscape… :confused:

even with the texture file on the objects the colour is off some what and looks plastic…

Have you created the material from the texture file?

yes. I have, the texture file even looks plastic and now I see the word Preview all over my textures :confused: honestly it is a nightmare now.

I would suggest you look at material tutorial videos, there are some basic settings you can change to get it so it will look the way you want.

Take a deep breath Skadoosh :slight_smile: You are seeing “Preview” because your lighting needs to be set to a higher level like “Production” and re-built. As DarkHorror suggested, take a look at the tutorials and take some time to learn the material pipeline and how the engine works. Epic did a great job at making them and they should take you through and get you familiarized. If you don’t have much experience with 3D Modeling or UE, its going to be a lot harder if you just jump in without knowing how things work but after watching some of those videos, you should have a much better idea on how to get your models imported correctly and your materials setup. Also, if you need videos on general modeling or uv mapping, check out YouTube. Good luck!

Thank you, I have watched a lot of video’s but most video’s are just basic material creation, e.g. colour and normal map, so this is where I may be confused. uploading wise is easy I know what to do their, this is why I was having trouble. I am trying my best to get rid of the plastic feel to the textures