Broken skeletal mesh from Blender 2.71 (FBX 7.4)

Hi guys,

I’m having big problems exporting/importing my skeletal mesh with an animation.
I’m using Blender 2.71 with FBX 7.4 bin.

Here is how it should look (exported with “Baked Animation” deactivated):

How it looks like with animations exported (“Baked Animation” activated):

My import/export settings:

I checked everything I read in the forums: vertex groups, rotation/location of the mesh and the armature, built the rig manually and with Metarig… With no changes.

Good thing is (sort of), the FBX 6.1 ASCII exports my mesh without any problems. But I can’t use it, because it adds additional bone over the top of my root bone and I can’t use the mesh for Root Motion anymore. That’s the reason I have to use the new exporter.

Does anyone have any idea how to delete this redundant bone after the export with FBX 6.1 OR how to fix the deformed mesh exported with FBX 7.4?

Thanks for any suggestion! Struggling with this problem since sunday and making no progress…

Hi same problem creating a vehicle skeltal mesh. I do many test and don’t find a solution.


Don’t know about the new fbx 7.4 exporter since I haven’t switched to 2.71 yet, but you probably can fix the old ascii exporter to remove the extra root bone in the same way it was possible with previous version of blender.

Look for this bit of code in “” and comment it :

# the armature object is written as an empty and all root level bones connect to it
Connect: “OO”, “Model::%s”, “Model::%s”’ % (my_bone.fbxName, my_bone.fbxArm.fbxName))

(as explained in this tutorial blender to UDK : Blender to UDK Player Model – Kris Redbeard)

It will then stop to add the extra root bone.

Hope this helps.

OMG! It works!
Now I can use the old good exporter with Root Motion. Thank you very much!

PS: I don’t know python, so I commented only the last line, which gave me an error. I commented “else:” as well, and it works now.


Thanks, i just commented the text and it wasnt working, now, with the else commented everything is fine.

I’ve actually had good luck with the new exporter as long as I’m not trying to match an existing skeleton. Like the old exporter, it seems to add at least one bone to the skeleton on export, which causes problem with trying to match an existing skeleton. For a new character where you’re having it create a new skeleton, the new exporter works quite well and gives you the option of embedding the textures in the FBX file.

The trick I’ve found is to export as two files. Export the mesh and armature without any animations, and then export a second file with the skeleton and animations, but no mesh. Import the first as skeletal mesh, and the second as animations targeting the skeleton created on import of the first.