Broken Pieces Demo - A singleplayer thriller action adventure game.

After more than a year of pre-production in the shadows, the ELSEWARE EXPERIENCE]( team is thrilled to officially present our first video game: BROKEN PIECES](


The Demo is currently available to Steam during just a few days/weeks go to the page and download it ! We are sharing 40 to 50 minutes of Broken Pieces gameplay to you!
We are looking for some feedbacks from you guys! :smiley:


**If you are interested in the game and want to support us in our development. It’s really important to add Broken Pieces to your Steam wishlist!


In order to create a captivating atmosphere, we have implemented many features such as a fixed-angle camera system revised to the tastes of the day and pronouncing a more cinematic approach to exploration. This system will probably remind you of the legendary sagas such as Resident Evil and Silent hill, but in a modernized version for more comfort.


■ Find the camera system that accompanied the legendary sagas such as silent-hill or resident-evil, in a modernized version for more flexibility.

■ Discover the Saint-Exil region through a deep environmental narrative and easy to listen audio cassettes.

■ Solve environmental puzzles by shifting time and finally understand what caused the clock to stop its course.

■ Face challenging enemies thanks to a unique combat system.

■ Immerse yourself in a deep thrilling atmosphere.

■ Play with the weather and revisit the region with a new perspective.


When Elise and her fiancé decided to leave the city life and settle near the French coast, Elise couldn’t have imagined that she would end up stuck in a time loop, alone.
As strange phenomena occur in a dim post-cold war climate, Elise will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding Saint Exil and put all the pieces back together.

(More Screenshots available at Broken Pieces Homepage!)

Thank you for your time and we are waiting for yours feedbacks about the demo! :wink:

Mael & Benoit from Elseware Experience!

look good,but the characters are a little stiff.