Broken perspective

Heya. After restarting my project i’ve got a really weird problem - my viewport become to look like this:

Obviously, it should not be like that.
But therefore, in top view for example all looks alright:

Well, at least, kinda allright. The f is happening and how can i fix it?
All new objects are look like that, inverted and you can see one through another

You may have accidentally activated some weird view mode. Have you tried to ‘use defaults’. It is the first entry in the list of the ‘Show’ menu in the top left

Yep, tried that, no difference

Encountered with it again just now​ on another project.
Saved, closed scene, open again 5 min later - all things inverted. What the hell…


Try to narrow it down. See if another project has the same problem and if it has try to see if the problem appears in another engine version or see if it happens on another computer or with another video card. I have seen this before but I cannot remember what the cause was and how we fixed it, sorry.