Broken or Incomplete Time Nodes

It seems that pins are missing on 7 of the pictured nodes (involving RealTime, TimeSpan, and DateTime). There also seems to be no way to add pins from the RMB menu. Splitting the existing pin will usually just make it disappear. Is there some magic that I’m overlooking or are the time functions not fully baked?

Hi ,

What blueprint class are using to get the RealTime nodes? Also, where did you see the additional pins, in an earlier build (4.6, 4.5)?

I placed all these nodes on the Character Blueprint using the context sensitive action list off the RMB in 4.8 Preview 4.

I haven’t used these before and haven’t seen pins. But I do have a need for them as I’m looking for ability to work with time variables for time down to milliseconds plus the ability to do basic math operations on them (difference between two times, add a time span to a time, etc).

Today when I opened the saved BP that had these nine nodes on it - they are now flagged with warnings suggesting the nodes are depreciated.

Get Accurate Real Time is what I started with but am looking for something returning a time variable or structure that is supported with math functions.

Oh and ignore the RealTime nodes. I created a RealTime structure and probably need a better naming convention.

In 4.8 Preview 4, I was able to repro the issue where the pins disappeared when split. However, this is fixed in our latest internal build because the nodes themselves have been completely overhauled. You should see them working properly in a future update, likely 4.9.

As for the missing pins, this has also been fixed with the new time nodes.

As a workaround, can you use the Timespan and DateTime functions directly?

Thanks TJ. I’m probably having a failure of imagination but I don’t find enough working functionality available to set Timespan values so I can use the related functions. I’ve rolled my own solution in the last day and will rip it out when the fix arrives.