Broken localized links to online documentation from Built-in Editor Tutorials

Hi there,

  1. The online documentation is partially internationalized in 4 languages
    (INT, JPN, KOR and CHN). For any page not localized, or for any other
    language the web site redirects transparently from the
    capitalized ISO 639-3 three-letter codes (FRA, DEU, ITA…) to “INT”.
    give you the same page as
    Editor Viewports in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
    English default documentation.
  2. Build-in tutorials also use those same 3 upper case language code as a suffix.
  3. But the editor does only override the 3 legacy tutorial languages (INT, JPN, KOR),
    and uses standard lowercase letters for any other languages (CHN included).
    In the “Welcome Tutorial”, the second page “Viewport” provides me with
    the following broken link:

I will provide my proposed my working solution to this bug, see bellow!

Best Regards,

I’ve provided a source-code patch as the #101 pull-request

  1. In this patch I choose to modify the Localisation method FCulture::FICUCultureImplementation::GetUnrealLegacyThreeLetterISOLanguageName() to override any languages by the use of ToUpper().
  2. An other way could be to reconfigure the Web server, but then there would still have problems for future integration of build-in tutorials in new languages.


Thanks SRombauts!

I’ve integrated your pull-request into our Main branch as CL#2057824.

We will also be making changes to our web servers so current users won’t require the code changes for the documentation to redirect them correctly, though I don’t know the timeline for that.