Broken links for Reflection docs

Hi Epic,

I was trying to read other reflection documentation , but the links at bottom of the page are broken unfortunately.

Hey Galeon,

I just tried all the links at the bottom of the page, the ones labeled “Related Topics” and every one of them worked.

My browser is Chrome. Not sure if you’re using the same or a different browser. Can you possibly try and see if that works for you?

Thank you!


There hve been several reports similar to this. I haven’t been able to reproduce the errors but I will make sure we figure out the issue as soon as we get back from the holiday vacation.

I just did a try and if it worked fine with explorer i got same issue with firefox.

edit : copy of link not found by firefox\..\..\Engine\Rendering\LightingAndShadows\ReflectionEnvironment\index.html

https: //\..\..\Engine\Rendering\LightingAndShadows\ReflectionEnvironment\index .html

copy of link in explorer

Internet Explorer < 9?

I think it has to do with IE, it can be fixed by using absolute path instead of