[Broken] Character strafe sensitive 180 Turn

Dear Programmers and Blueprinters,

as my character doesn’t have a backwards animation I want to make him face backwards while moving. This needs an aesthetic turning animation. So searched the hub an solved the turning thing with timelines. It works fine, BUT
Now I want to make the turn strafe sensitive. Means if the char is moving left, turn him counterclockwise and opposite for right.

He does turn the proper way, and even back if you continue running the direction.

2 Issues ( remember top right, the character facing is set to camera (mouse) )

  1. (360 Issue) If you start turning in clockwise and want to continue turn out clockwise by changing your strafe direction (move right) character messes up because of the timelines dont “reverse from end” as i expect to.
  2. (Condition Issue) As he turns in clockwise and you stop moving right, he wants to turn out clockwise () by branch condition (right move > 0.3 gives false) but the two timelines dont “reverse from end” as I expect they have to. He ends up staying turned in game, but state “isRotated” is false … character is messed up.

I think my way to use timelines is not the proper way or my logically condition making is hardly broken.

Help plz

The core issue is the mathematic problem of unreal turning 361 degrees to 1 degree and -1 to 359 degrees. If anyone has an idea making this graph more simple i’d appreciate that.