Broken Branches or Gates, Maybe Booleans.

As you can see in that video when the gates shut off, the boolean still acts as if it is on, or the branch.

I have been fiddling with this for the past 2 days to no avail.

It should of course when x equals certain amount or greater shut off, switch to the other Boolean and set it to true thus enabling a branch, thus triggering events for either night or day. However depending on how I set up the original boolean, either night, or day gets stuck on. I have tried many different mathematical methods to get this to work. I also have tried on the other end gates, branches, even do once with a combo of branches, and gates the do once seemed like it would maybe work but nope. It just took 2 cycles before it got stuck on instead of one.

I have no flipping clue what is wrong and I do need this to work. Think of it as during the day all the street lamps turn off, at night all the street lights turn on plus maybe a few extras. A blanket boolean for lights and emissives to a degree. Later on some spawning elements as well.

It should be simple. 0-24 is the number.

0-5 is night so 0> and <5 is night but since it loops to zero I can just say 16> 5< is night and 5> 16< is day. I tried a one time where it equals those numbers but it only turned on once and turned back off which is a bit odd. I would assume a one time turn on would still work, =16 flip switch over to night use gate to turn off day, =5 flip switch to day using a gate to turn off night. As you can see in the video I have went from simple to complex trying to fix this issue. I thought about a delay but if it is not working proper to start with a delay should not cause it to register proper. Though in real life that is of course possible. Computers are usually not that sloppy.

I am going with a curve but seriously if anyone has a fix please let me know because a curve cannot solve it in every place. I have ran into this countless times in the past where a curve wouldn’t matter. Just so happens a curve can work here.

Now I am truly confused why does this work but the other doesn’t? Seriously I want an answer. It is funny but still weird.

Hard to really tell with your screen darting around, but it looks like you are failing to set your bools to false because you only set then when they could be true. So they always stay true.