Broken animation import from Blender:garbage strange assets.

Can you pls help me with animation import from Blender?
I create elevator into blender, add one bone and make simple animation: just little moving this bone by Y. The elevator is simple, it just 6 boxes, project file will be in topic.
When i export it into fbx and import into UE4, i dont know why but i import tonns of useless strange stuff, seems like UE create bones for every object, ant then, i don’t know what happening.
Blender import setting into screens, and whtn i import into UE, i touch nothing, just import as is, with skeleton and mesh.;base64

Nothing too strange about it. It’s just not how it’s done.

starting from the 6 unparented meshes, to the fact you shouldn’t be using a scheletal mesh to move a static object around in the first place…