Broadcasting simple event from character blueprint to level blueprint

Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time nailing the exact connections necessary just to broadcast a really simple event from my character controller (which has no object on the persistent level, since it’s just a flying camera connected to an HMD based off of the flying game blueprint) to the level blueprint.

I’ve stripped it away from the actual event into something as simple as possible - pressing the F key.


I’ve created an Event Dispatcher in this Blueprint called FadeButtonPressed.

Over on the Level Blueprint side:


I’ve created an Event from dragging an Event out of the Event Dispatcher in the My Blueprint menu of the player controller. I created a Bind Event to my Event Dispatcher. I made an object reference to my player blueprint (BP_Plane) and made it global, and selected it as the target for the Bind Event method. It prints “Hello” onto the screen.

I fire up my demo, I hit F, and nothing happens. Did I do it wrong?

Hello @mindridellc,

Your setup looks good to me. One thing I noticed though, is that you don’t have any function calling your “Bind Event to FadeButtonPressed” node in your Level Blueprint. I generally like to use the “Event BeginPlay” node for things like this in my Level Blueprint. I have an example of this below.


I hope this answer helps you out,


Hi Farshooter, I connected an Event BeginPlay to my Bind Event to object and still nothing is happening. I noticed this error when I run via PIE, though:

“Accessed None ‘BP Plane’ from node FadeButtonPressed in blueprint Photorealistic_Landscape_b”
“Play in editor start time for /Game/PhotoLands/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Photorealistic_Landscape_b 1.06”

If I disconnect the target BP Plane, I get a compiler error on Bind Event To saying “This blueprint (self) is not a BP_Plane_C, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection.”

However, I don’t know what this object (BP_Plane_C) is referring to, or how to get it.

Fixed it! I needed to use Get All Actors of Class, pointing to BP Plane, to get it to happen. Thanks for the help, Farshooter!

How do you get the “ThirePersonChracater from Persistent Level” in the BluePrint??