Broadcast live from Unreal Engine to web browser

Hello guys,

I am looking for a workflow that would let me broadcast live from Unreal Engine Editor to web browsers.

I plan to use motion capture technology streaming in the editor and would love to broadcast what I am actually seeing on the editor on the web.
I know how to achieve the first part but I was not able to find any solution or clue how to achieve the broadcast part.
I guess I should not package the project because I may loose the stream with the motion capture suit. I know it may be possible because solutions exist for Broadcast channel that use live compositing with Unreal. Just the broadcast part and link with Unreal is not clear to me.

Anybody has some advice or links to share that would help me understand how to achieve it ?

Thank you very much ! J.

Do you need something to broadcast from within the editor or would it just work fine to use OBS or something like that?

Well I plan to motion capture Live with Rokoko inside the editor, so I guess I would need a solution that would allow me to stream directly from the editor yes.

What I mean is, OBS can allow you to broadcast anything that’s on your screen, would that work for what you’re wanting to do?