Broadcast Event

Hey everybody,

is there a way to broadcast an event?

Short/simple example:

-> 1 blueprint counts numbers and every time the counter hits 10 the blueprint should fire an event.
-> The other 2 blueprint should catch it and then do something else.

One way is to give blueprint 1, references of blueprint 2 and 3 but if i wanna create more blueprints I always have to update the first one.

So is there a way, that blueprint 2 and 3 have a reference to blueprint 1 and listen if blueprint 1 fires an event?


Anybody has an idea?

I would look in to using Blueprint Interfaces for this behavior ( Each of the blueprints that want to respond can implement the interface and then you can use Get All Actors with Interface to get a list of Actors to call it on.

In general we don’t like the event broadcast model because it has the potential to become severely non-performant as you have to look at each actor to see if it responds to the event being broadcasted.