Bringing scenes from Maya to Unreal

Hey guys,

me and my friend are making a short animated movie and originally we planned to do it in Maya but making it in Unreal feels like a better option because of the rendering as we don’t want to spend days waiting for the render to finish.

So my question is, can I assembly the scenes and animate everything in Maya and then somehow bring the entire Maya scene into Unreal so that I can then use the Camera Sequencer to animate cameras and render it there? I tried using alembic but it doesn’t work too well.


Sebastian “Shain”

I’m not a modeler, but I would guess you can attach dummy objects to the cameras in Maya, have the object keep the animation, export the scene to Unreal and adjust accordingly.

You can use FBX Scene Import for the majority of stuff:
But for animated stuff you’re going to have to export things like individual characters, you can only have one parent object that others are attache to so they will be separate skeletal meshes. You drop them in and set the animation to play automatically and then you can import camera animation to Sequencer or Matinee where you would set up the camera shots and record everything.