Bring Paragon Back?

Now that Fortnite is a huge success, could you guys re-Introduce Paragon?

the low player count says “no”

Paragon died partly because of the success of Fortnite

Because of Paragon, I buy a PS4 pro. This is the best MOBA that existed! Analogs are much worse. I really hope that Paragon will find a new life!

It could always be a community project. The assets are available, just get Epic’s blessing…

Only the characters are available. The backend, gameplay code etc. is all unavailable.

And tbh Paragon didn’t really die because of Fortnite. It died because the direction it was going wasn’t a good one and the game designers couldn’t find a solution, a path to lay for the game to continue

The developers were pulled off Paragon because Fortnite was doing better and needed more support

I think Epic releasing the Assets is the blessing.

If someone takes up the project is ready to help with html, css :slight_smile:
If only Paragon would come to life)