Bring back UE4 Animation Retargeting in UE5

It seems to me the new IK retargeting is not really ready for production with a lot of convenience features missing that I would deem essential, like automated name matching, that where present in the UE4 retargeter.
The current workaround of retargeting in UE4 and then migrating the assets over to UE5 is beyond hacky, but i think de facto its what most people have to do right now.

I am aware that the new IK retargeter will be the best way to retarget in the future but until its truly production ready I would greatly appreciate the option to use the old one as well.

Any opinions on this?


100% in agreement here. I understand that this new manual system might help with the use of different skeletons, but the ue4 retarget system made it super fast for animations using the epic skeleton. Such a shame that they changed it.


Yup, I agree. The new system is very powerful and versatile, but E X T R E M E L Y time consuming, which is a serious concern specially when you have multiple Animations with similar archetypes but different skeletons.