Bring back the lens flare editor

It’s neat having post process lens flares, but without a lens flare editor like UE3 or Unity, you lose the ability to create much more complex flare effects. Anamorphic flares, rainbows, light rings, all kinds of effects aren’t possible with the post process lens flares.


+1 for this I need that flares and far away lights

I agree. The current implementation is way too limited. We need individual control over each layer like in the picture below. Plus things like softness, chroma shift etc.

mmm but that rater looks per project setting ? per light solution or FX or something can be better as the first image show different lights, different effects.

No. This could be used on either, the project or the individual light level.

+1 I’d love to see this too.

A must have feature for any AAA game engine.

+1 this needs attention!

+1 zero control now , udk lens was fantastic

+1 , also it will be great if we can change that for each lights , a setting for each light will be nice solution

+1 I want use it too!

So 4.20 version still no lens flares just awesome

Yeah, I’d love to be able to either be able to place lens flares or customize the lens flare effect currently in the engine. I hate seeing the lens flare turned on in UE4 games

True!, UDK’s lens flare editor was fantastic, once again please +1

Yes,once again please +1 !


as a workaround you can use particle systems and fancy materials! Works quite well…its just a bit harder to do :slight_smile:

Why did you bump an old thread when there’s a duplicate thread already on page 1?

Because this thread existed before the duplicate you mentioned?

This one showed up right below it (so it was already bumped to page 1 before me), and I already commented on the other one, but this one had more +1 comments while the other one was also arguing a lot more. I thought this might be the better place to put it :slight_smile:


Bumping this for EPIC. UE4 have been out for 4 years now and I still can’t believe that EU3 had THIS and all we have in EU4 is THIS yucky thing. Convolution bloom is alright but still not nearly as good and flexible as a dedicated lens flare system. I really don’t understand EPIC’s logic here. They already had a robust system in UE3 so why not bringing it back into the new engine? :confused: