Bring back the lens flare editor

It’s neat having post process lens flares, but without a lens flare editor like UE3 or CryEngine V, you lose the ability to create much more complex flare effects. Anamorphic flares, rainbows, light rings, all kinds of effects aren’t possible with the post process lens flares. SOME examples :


Its so strange because you implemented it in UDK (or Unreal Engine 3) can you realy bring back this technology ?

Have you tried messing with FFT convolution bloom?

You mean the bloom that can’t be customized per light and that need like 3ms ? :rolleyes: That even says is for cinematics only because the cost

Super valid request! It really sucks that it wasnt at least ported over from UE3 :frowning: I would love to have it back as well!

I might be under-thinking it but this should be doable with billboard components and material nodes