Bring back Tab Icon colors from UE4

I’m really glad that UE5 got a complete UI overhaul with very flexible settings.
But every time when I working in UE5 I felt something is missing in the UI. After few days of using 4.26 and 5.EA back to back it was obvious which was the problem; Tab Icon colors!

I didn’t saw anyone posted this issue here, so here we are.

I’m naturally more drawn into colors and pictures than text and numbers, because of that I really miss Icon colors from UE4 in UE5 EA.

If the Unreal Engine team could bring this back in Unreal Engine 5.0 that would be really appreciated.

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Thank You.


Definitely for it too!!!

Icon colors make the tabs very distinctive, and don’t require to “scan” through the tabs. The eye is immediately picking the right one with a glance, since these colors help to identify the type of an asset immediately, more so than icons! On ultra-wide screens and working with a lot of tabs, even more important.

I’m using the same type of “feature” with other IDEs too, where filetypes receive a specific color, because it really increases productivity.

UE5 skin made away with everything… looks clean, yes, making it similar to black-and-white TV is too much though.

One rule of great UX says: “Don’t change what people are trained on”. The colors have been an essential part of Unreal Assets for many and many years. The brain is trained to them. Changing this radically is a very bad UX decision.

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This was exactly what I needed to say, I could not say it better!
Thank You.