Bring any object back to your location?

hey guys

ok gotta say UE4 is awesome and I am LOVING sequencer as I mainly make cinematics so this is amazing in that regard, BUT a small thing is frustrating and making certain jobs wayyyyyyy harder than they should be and I hope someone here more experienced than me will be able to shed light on the matter.

ok everynow and then, and I don’t know why, an object will go missing from my scene, now I click on the object either in sequencers or in the world outliner hit F and bingo, zoom straight to it but for whatever reason its miles away from where I need it. Is there any shortcut similar to F for eg, but to bring an object back to where I want it please?

I have looked on the internet for answers and shortcuts and cannot find anything that explains how to achieve this.
is it possible please?

hopefully there is an easy solution to this and any help would be fantastic, thank you :slight_smile:

anyone any ideas please?

come on guys, UE4 must have a feature to do this! any of you experts know please?

drop a new object in the scene (cube)
parent the flown away object under it
zero out it’s transforms
unparent it

thanks for replying. So this is a workaround, there isn’t an option to do this, like a shortcut or something? Will try your method though so thank you for that.