Brimstone Brawlers (Early Access)

Hey everyone!

After 2+ years of mostly solo game development, my project Brimstone Brawlers is hitting Early Access next week!

Its been a long process but I am glad to be getting it out there to help grow the community and hopefully achieve all the goals I have set out for the game.

I’m super excited to get some feedback on the project, so if you have any thoughts please let me know!

If you’re interested in following us please check out our socials:

**Steam **- Best place to find information on the game (and Wishlist)!

**Discord **- Best place to get in contact with the developers and community.

**Facebook **- Eh, it exists I guess

Twitter - Best place to see quick updates of the project!

**Website **- Old fashioned hub for seeing all of above.

Looks great and unique! finally someone is making something that you can call a game : ) Congrats and +wishlist.