Hello beautiful people. My newest scene is my first time trying to do something more like handpainted.
Textures are done with zbrush+substance designer or just painted with gimp.
Refrence is a fan made picture from the undead starting village Brill in World Of Warcraft.
This is going to be a long project. I want to do this properly since the source material is so awesome.
Since the original is not “bliz style” I am not going for it either.


This is where I am now.



Cool project, good luck!

Some more progress.


Made some more stuff and tweaked materials and lighting to get better picture of the final lighting and how much detail i have to put to the characters.
Desaturated the textures a lot. Forced no precomputed lightin, since my lighting would not build and get stuck at 0,43 %.
So everything is realtime lighting now, but it still looks good to me so maybe I will leave it like that.


You nailed the old-school WoW artstyle - well done!

Thanks man! I was not trying to, but its hard not to do wow stuff without it looking like “cartoonish”. I did not go for the style that highlights everything, like the newer bizzard stuff. I like old school wow.

Looks incredibly awesome so far! Keep it up!

I took some artistic freedoms with the other char. :cool: and moved to 4.16 for some volymetric fog. Maybe I will finish this before summer holiday!


Done. Thanks for watching and have a nice day. :cool: