Bright Texture In Material Editor?


i just wanted to ask why my texture is brighten up in my material editor?


Hello Trebz. Cuz you are previewing the “multiply node”. Look closely to your screenshot. The multiply node says “Previewing” under it. Right click on it and disable it. Hope this helps.

I just added multiply to preview it.

It is also brighter without multiply.

Hope this screenshot can solve your problem. Goodluck.

It doesnt help me, unfortunatily.
My other textures work. Its just the Moss that is brighten up. Idk why…

Can you show us other working textures and material editor for we can understand what is going on?


My grass is working well but the moss is brighten up.
I found a difference between these 2 textures. My grass is set to color while my moss is set to linear color. I dont know why. It was default when i imported my textures but when i want to set my moss to color instead of linear color it turns out to an error.

Your moss texture needs to use sRGB. Then change it to Color again.