Brigade 3.0. A new graphics API.

Quote from their site:

Brigade site:

I would like to hear from Epic about this! :smiley:


Been keeping an eye on Brigade for a while now. Its cool, but that PT noise is pretty distracting. I guess as hardware improves, it might go away.

That said, even if it was only used for things like reflections and refractions, the reduced overhead might mean they render without significant noise. And having PT refl/refractions would be pretty **** awesome.

I don’t think you could do that for just reflections/refractions

It looks like it’s just doing the same as like iRay or VrayRT, and of course there’s no gameplay shown.

I’ve seen those pics before. Yeah I’d have to see this in motion. Looks great though

Here’s the video…

As you can see it looks awesome when the camera is not moving but when it’s moving or when there are moving objects around… there is just way too much noise to make it usable with current hardware IMO (at least not in games).

Cloud computed graphics API? Cool but it’s not going to be very useful in practice.

I’ve been waiting for the render pipeline to add simple raycasting. I don’t think we’ll ever bother with a purely raytraced realtime engine because a hybrid model works so much better, but I think the idea’s time has come. Bundle that with voxels and you’ve got a nice physical simulator.

I’m going to resurrect this old thread if I can by mentioning this:

Brigade+SLI+Foveated Rendering (Fove)=photorealVR in a game engine

Brigade requires 80 GPU for it to be noise free, so this is not going to happen on a single GPU anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue: