Brief white graphic glitches when turning the camera

I’m having an odd problem that I see some brief white graphic glitches as I’m turning the camera. The level is fully loaded. Any idea what is causing these glitches and how to fix it? Here’s a YouTube video showing the issue.

I’ve seen this others’ projects too. Am curious.

Hello Lee Berger,

If you would link me your DxDiag. Then I can begin narrowing down the possibilities of how you are seeing these white graphic glitches.


Here you go: DxDiag … Short version: Win 7 64-bit, NVIDIA GTX 780.


Hello Lee,

So there are a couple of troubleshooting steps that you can take.

It does appear to be a culling issue. Where an object is being rendered really quickly on screen and is returning a white value.

1.) Enter this command and build lights, then play. r.hzbzocclusion 0

2.) Try to isolate in your project which asset is causing this issue specifically. For instance if the wall is modular and it’s the wall causing the glitch then dig through the material properties to see what could cause it.
a.) If you have emissive turned on then try turning it off, once you have found the problem asset.

Let me know if this helped or if you are still experiencing this problem.


Hello Lee,

I was wondering if these troubleshoots mentioned int he above comment fixed the issue?


Hi ,

I don’t have anything concrete yet. I have an impending deadline (getting our game ready for release, yay!), so I haven’t been able to spend as much time on this as I’d like.

Last night I started creating an isolated test case. I’m hoping to get that finished soon. Even with built lights & HZB occlusion off I’m still getting the flicker.

I did discover the white color was coming from an ExponentialHeightFog (there was a level streaming bug causing this fog to be loaded when it shouldn’t have). Without the fog, the flicker is almost undetectable. Doesn’t solve the issue, but will get me through release.

Minor note, I assume you meant r.HZBOcclusion 0 (one Z).

Thanks for the help.


Not a problem,

Glad you narrowed down the issue and good luck with the release.


What happens though if you do want the fog to be loaded? I’m running 4.12 and same here, especially in areas with high overdraw of quads (vegetation and bushes)

Unfortunately I don’t have any more information, bryst_m153. We ended up shipping with the workaround I mentioned, and I never came back to this issue. If you are having a similar issue, you’ll probably want to post a new issue with your specifics.