Bridge Sort Asset by Size

When using quixel bridge it would be incredibly more efficient to be able to sort assets by size. Quixel offers “size” information, but it’s very slow to click on each item to check if something is a cliff or a pebble.

In this example I’m trying to build a canon, if they were sorted by size I could easily grab the big pieces out and move thse around first, then work on the next layer down of objects for medium sized objects, and then evetually round the scene out with the small rocks and tiny objects.

Since they are NOT sorted by size it’s extremely time consuming looking at every object to see which ones are the “big pieces” that I want to start with, then I have to re-do the process for the next tier sized objects, and then do it again to find the small objects.

Small Object

Medium Object

Large Object

I agree it would be helpful.
But i also see you are searching in a environment collection.
You could try to go to the 3d asset tab and then nature->rock-> cliff/quarry/sandstone.
Those are generally of a larger size and are not cluttered with surfaces etc.

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