Bridge plugin for UE5 says 'no compatible engine installed' even if I have UE5 installed

Hello, I looked around in the forum but I couldn’t find an answer. Basically I installed UE5 and 4.26 and then Bridge. During the installation of Bridge, it only gave me the option to install the plugin for 4.26. I thought it was not a problem and that I could install the plugin for UE5 from the marketplace later. However, when I click on the Bridge plugin in my vault it says that there is no compatible version of the engine installed in my machine, even if I have installed and tested UE5 myself. Do you happen to know a solution for this? Thank you

No reply for this?
I ask since I’m experiencing the same problem even though it appears as if it IS installed yet with no supposed “online” connection.
Even told that an update is available with an option to “update via the launcher.”
Yet, that gets me nowhere.
A sad circular bit of contradictions.

Bridge is bundled with UE5.

You cannot use the standalone version of bridge to work with UE5.

So if you only have UE5 installed, it wont find UE4. Hence, no compatible engine installed.

EDIT: Open your content browser and click “+add”

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