Bridge materials don't look good

Hi. I was working with some Bridge materials and I was facing some problems that I wanted to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong or I’m not missing something in here. Displacements don’t look good to me. They don’t have enough realism and the extruded parts look jaggy and unpleasant. I have tried this with a high-poly plane and I’ve also tested it on a plane with around 1 million triangles but they still don’t look extruded/realistic enough and I of course don’t want to go higher than 64 subdivisions on my planes because I’m using them in a game…

This is an image of my plane on two of Bridge’s default displacement materials: Two default bridge materials - Album on Imgur

This is also my plane:

If there’s anything I’m missing, please tell me. My game objects don’t look good and if I want to make them more realistic, I can use Blender’s displace modifier but in that case, things will somehow look the same until I subdivide the mesh again and will also make the object less versatile to scaling. Thank you in advance.