Bridge deformation physic

Whats best way to make something response to player? For example a bridge that will bounce a bit when player runs across. Something that can be seen in Trine 2 starting menu (video below). I could not find single tutorial, Im not sure if I just can not name what Im looking for correctly (Im not native English speaker…sorry for my bad English btw) or what…
Thanks a lot for any advice.

There are essentially two approaches to this, physics based or animation based. An animation approach is more reliable than the physics approach especially in scenes that are heavy on performance but obtaining realistic behavior is much easier to achieve with the physics approach.

I have made a physics based rope bridge blueprint that bounces when walked over. You can get it from the link in my signature :slight_smile:

Thank you, that Procedural Bridge Blueprint looks great, but I need something a bit different. I was trying to figure out how to apply that physics to bridge, that is created from single mesh, no many planks. But whiteout success…
I get an idea to deform mesh along spline. Simply make 2 points spline and attach mesh to it.

So normally it looks like this:
And if player steps on middle, both points tangents will rotate a bit:
But now, I do not know how to (or if it is even possible) make point of the spline rotate on every tick event (based on players position) and deform mesh with collision in game…

This is not, probably, the best solution, but I dont know what would be better… I dont know, but I think using animation is not possible (or at least Ive no idea how to do it correctly), because player can randomly move in different directions, jump… And I was trying to find a way how to physically deform single mesh, but without success.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

All i can say is that to deform a mesh with physics the mesh should be a skeletal mesh, like the capsule in physics content example project.
However physics seems to be not used by UE4 owners.
Every post in the forum remain unanswered.

Im trying to figure out this, so easy looking thing, for about a weak. I dont know if Im just stupid or what…