Bridge claims successful export but Maya scene remains empty

Hello – I’m trying to export a preset MetaHuman to Maya. Bridge claims its export was successful. But nothing shows up in Maya.

The green MS plugin is installed and visible in the Maya UI. I can download and import other assets with Quixel Bridge. All attempts to get MetaHuman data into Maya fail, even the pre-built MH presets.

The Bridge log finds an error in assetsData.json, but then claims successful export:
{“code”:“ENOTDIR”,“errno”:-20,“path”:"/Users/me/Documents/gfx/qbridge/Downloaded/DHI/assetsData.json",“syscall”:“scandir”,“level”:“error”,“message”:“1 - Error reading Asset /Users/me/Documents/gfx/qbridge/Downloaded/DHI/assetsData.json”,“timestamp”:“2021-05-10T18:13:45.840Z”}
{“level”:“info”,“message”:“Exported 1 Assets Successfully”,“timestamp”:“2021-05-10T18:14:15.444Z”}

Loading and reading that JSON file externally (eg: in a Python interpreter) works without error.

I’m using
Quixel Bridge: v2021.0.1
Maya: v2020
OSX: v11.1

TIA for suggestions!